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About us

 Yankee Candle, the world's best loved candle™


Since 1999 we, Spirig Kerzen AG, are the general importer of the brand Yankee Candle. Our enthusiasm and passion for these scented candles is even bigger with every newly launched fragrance. If you make a a gift or buy them for your own home Yankee Candle fit always.

We supply dealers all over Switzerland and are pleased that our partners share the passion and joy for Yankee Candle with us.

Season after season scents awaken the best memories or create a mood. This passion for scents we share with you ... all over the world we look for fresh inspiration for creating atmospheric, long-lasting scents that make a house a home.

Yankee Candle - the original since 1969! Fragrances are at the heart of everything we do. With every new fragrance that we offer, we need to back our reputation anew. Our fragrances include a wide range of categories, from fruit and floral aromas on fresh, pure natural scents to fragrances for the festive Christmas season. So everyone can find their favorite fragrance.

In addition to our classic fragrance range includes new fragrances inspired by upcoming trends.

We use only the finest ingredients, such as pure natural extracts and noble essences.

Authentic. True to nature. Rein. Long lasting. Our scents are the standard by which all others are measured.